Nishi Chopra


Nishi offers holistic solutions for life transformation through spiritual Consultant, life coaching, tarot reading, angel card reading, and reiki therapy, tailored to enhance your well-being.

Why Me

Why Me

Skilled in Tarot Reading, Angel Reading, Numerology, Psychic Reading, Guidance, Counselling, and Chakra & Aura cleaning.

We Listen , Hear , Understand and Guide

" We are here "

Communication is the key but people don't communicate due to trust issues. We are into one to one session completely maintaing conversation privacy to open your heart with no holdings inside. We Listen , We Hear , We Understand, We guide - without judging you .

We believe in working on you

" We are for you "

Karma maintaining and clearing is most important things . We work on Karmic Clearance .Aura Cleaning . Chakra balancing. Acceptance & Gratitude. We make you so protective through your inner self and higher connection. We believe in working on you because you are really precious and powerful .

We are here to help you.

" We are your cosmic guide "

We believe in your own know potential and working on it to achieve prosperity in life . We should know how to make your numbers favourable , aura unbreakable, planets beneficial - to put efforts in putting your physical.mental. spiritual. religious activities aligned to have a healthy and peaceful life with blessings of all. .

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Have a Look


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As a devoted believer in the power of self-awareness and intention, Nishi encourages everyone to remember their true essence and embrace their unique journey, knowing that with the right mindset, the game can change.

Empowering individuals to realize their inner potential and create a meaningful impact on Earth thrugh
self-awareness and karma, Nishi offers humble guidance to enhance their aura and reminds us of the gift of intelligence in shaping our destinies.


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